Test1 - Physical humor Post modern comedy intertextuality...

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Integrative Arts 110  Drama in the Mass Media  Harry Zimbler  Test #1  Part 1.  From the following list of terms, names and concepts, please select 15 items. Identify and/or define  each, bearing in mind that you should include its significance to the development of drama in American  radio and television. (60 points)  List of terms:   Dominant ideology  David Sarnoff  Lee de Forest  Edwin Howard Armstrong  WEAF, radio  KDKA, radio  “War of the Worlds”  The Golden Age of Television  Commedia del Arte  Vaudeville and Burlesque  “Marty”  Cross cutting  Tracking shot  Satire  Domestic Comedy  High Concept or Magical Comedy  ”Laugh-In”  “All in the Family”  mis en scene  Desilu production style  The universal clown 
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Unformatted text preview: Physical humor Post modern comedy intertextuality and cultural capital empathy versus detachment montage The Texaco Star Theater Amos n Andy kitchen sink drama pathos Part 2 Answer the following questions in BRIEF but cogent, coherent essays. Be as specific and detailed as you feel you need to be. 1. Discuss the influences of radio and live theater on early television (15) 2. Discuss how a television comedys mis en scene reflects its comic type.(10) 3. In one comedy we are detached. In another, we are empathic. Whats the difference? (10) 4. What is the basic formula for a situation comedy? (5)...
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Test1 - Physical humor Post modern comedy intertextuality...

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