Indigo Synthesis

Indigo Synthesis - Indigo Synthesis Abstract: The reaction...

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Indigo Synthesis Abstract: The reaction of 2-nitrobenzaldehyde with acetone was a good process to synthesize indigo to be reacted with sodium stannite solution to ultimately form leucoindigo. Based on overall group results the leucoindigo was a good dye for the fabrics tested. When comparing the heating time for the formation of indigo carmine the longer time of 20 minutes produced less indigo carmine than that of the sample heated for 10 minutes. Percent yields were 55.7% and 116% respectively. Introduction The main objective of this experiment was to synthesize indigo and determine the yield of indigo carmine produced using absorption spectroscopy. The secondary objectives
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were to “isolate the indigo using filtration and determine a yield, make leuco-indigo from indigo, dye cloth using vat dying, perform a sulfonation reaction, use absorption spectroscopy to determine yield, synthesize indigo carmine from indigo, and quantify the indigo carmine produced.” 1 The indigo was prepared by combining 2-nitrobenzaldehyde with acetone, then adding NaOH to facilitate the reaction. A vacuum filtration apparatus was used to isolate the indigo formed. Once the indigo was isolated part of it was combined with NaOH and heated to boiling in a hot water bath. A sodium stannite solution was slowly added to form the leuco-indigo used to dye a cloth strip consisting of the following fabrics: spun
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Indigo Synthesis - Indigo Synthesis Abstract: The reaction...

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