Lab Report 2 - Chemical Kinetics

Lab Report 2 - Chemical Kinetics - Chemical Kinetics...

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Chemical Kinetics Abstract: The reaction between Allura Red dye and bleach was evaluated in multiple trials to determine the overall rate law for this reaction. The first two trials held the bleach constant (in excess of 1000 times the moles present of dye) while reacting with first a 1:95 dilution of dye and then a 1:100 dilution of dye, in order to determine the rate law order in regards to dye. The dye was found to be 1 st order in the rate law based on the linear graph of ln[dye] vs. time. The last three trials held the dye constant at a 1:95 dilution while the concentration of bleach was varied using dilutions of 1:9, 1:10, and 1:11. The rate law order in regards to bleach was found to be zero from a comparison of the very close rates in all three trials. After calculating k, the general rate law for this reaction was found to be Rate=-.074[dye]. Introduction The main objective of this experiment was to use experimental data to determine the rate of reaction between a food dye and household bleach, as well as the rate law for this
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reaction. The secondary objectives were to “design a procedure for collecting kinetic data, accurately perform quantitative dilutions, use a spectrometer to monitor concentration during a kinetic experiment, collect time vs. concentration data, use the results of one trial to modify concentrations for the next, collaborate with others to develop a procedure for performing a reaction and collecting absorbance vs. time data, and run a reaction a number of times using different concentrations of reactants.” 1
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Lab Report 2 - Chemical Kinetics - Chemical Kinetics...

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