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Agamemnon Notes - Athens ... Agamemnon Night, end of the...

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The Serpent and the Eagle Aeschylus fought in the forces that defeated the Persians and in a Greek victory at Marathon The Greeks believed this to be a victory of right over might These victories led into a time of energy and prosperity. Two great monuments were The Parthenon of Ictinos and Pheidias The Oresteian trilogy of Aeschylus (Book) Besides the hopes Athenians had for a peaceful community, Spartans conquered
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Unformatted text preview: Athens ... Agamemnon Night, end of the Trojan War, House of Atreus in Argos A watchguard has been guarding the house of Atreus for a year waiting for the signal that Troy is taken He sees the signal and realizes that they have won Wishes for the return of Agamemnon...
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