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week 11 2 - 2. (critisize mathusian models) limited...

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pojman 64+65 week 11 64 Greenhouse Effects: Hypened Hysteria 1. Global Warming Hysteria a. 1988 NASA James Hanson claims Global warming = !! b. Yet, was coldest Alaskan winter c. Greenhouse exists; CO2 absorbs radiation i. 1/2 CO2 = natural ii. 1/2 CO2 = manmade iii.CO2 went up 2. Rise of Greenhouse Gases a. Atmosphere has consistent drops and raises in temperature b. volcanoes (read through) (Mt St. Helens) c. deforestation 3. Extraterrestial phenomenons a. Sun and moon b. Carbon is the result of radioactive particles from the sun that we absorb (sun pro- duces carbon) c. Manmade CO2 - shift to electric economy Cornecopianism Natural production of greenhouse gases 65 - Irrational Assessment of Global Warming 1. Look at dire claims go through the technical and economic sides of the argument
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Unformatted text preview: 2. (critisize mathusian models) limited computer models, polictics 3. cost-benefits -- focus of renewable energy (pg. 528) 4. manndata- longest temperature data record (1000 years) indicates a stable steady climate punctuated by odd changes in temperature a. manndata not accurate 5. IPCCC reports, beginning 1900, computer models that show temperature models. questions efficacy of these models 6. six questions a. how much effect b. other causes c. reasonable d. cause e. costs f. how should we what to do The important lesson of Global warming we should not spend vast amounts of money to cut global warming (Too much money) cost of global warming will be substantial. instead, ease gases in the long run natural pollutants...
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week 11 2 - 2. (critisize mathusian models) limited...

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