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CS4600 - Introduction to Intelligent Systems Homework 5 - Partial-Order Planning Suppose there is a bomb in your bathroom. Initially, the bomb is armed and the toilet is unclogged. Your goal is to get the bomb disarmed and the toilet unclogged. The only way to dis- arm the bomb is to dunk it in the toilet, provided that the toiled is unclogged. Note that dunking the bomb will clog the toilet, which can be unclogged by flushing it. Here is a very simple STRIPS encoding of this planning problems: Initial state: (NOT clogged) AND armed
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Unformatted text preview: Goal state: (NOT clogged) AND (NOT armed) Operators: DUNK precond: NOT clogged effects: (NOT armed) AND clogged FLUSH: precond ---effects: NOT clogged Trace the partial-order planning algorithm described in class for the given planning problem. Then look back at your trace and mark the partial plans that are not totally ordered. For each of them, explain why this is so. Give an example of an iteration in which the principle of least com-mitment is illustrated and explain why this is the case....
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