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hw7sol - (~ 5 x(Has(Joe,x ^ Dog(x => Scary(Joe d Either...

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CS4600 - Introduction to Intelligent Systems Homework 6 - Sample Solution Write the following sentences in first-order logic using these literals: Has(Joe,x), Dog(x), Cat(x), Cute(x), Scary(x). a) Joe has a cute dog. 5 x (Has(Joe,x) ^ Dog(x) ^ Cute(x)) b) All of Joe’s dogs are cute. 2200 x ((Has(Joe,x) ^ Dog(x)) => Cute(x)) c) Unless Joe has a dog, he is scary.
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Unformatted text preview: (~ 5 x (Has(Joe,x) ^ Dog(x))) => Scary(Joe) d) Either Joe has at least one cat and at least one dog or he is scary (but not both at the same time). 5 x,y (Has(Joe,x) ^ Has(Joe,y) ^ Dog(x) ^ Cat(y)) <=> ~Scary(Joe) e) Not all dogs are both scary and cute. ~ 2200 x (Dog(x) => (Scary(x) ^ Cute(x)))...
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