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German 1E, Section 1 December 10, 2007 End of Semester Self-Reflection So far, I hold a varying level of fluency in English, Korean, German, and Japanese. My goal is to improve my secondary languages and become fluent in four languages. That way, I can communicate with more people and be more open-minded to foreign issues. Currently, English and Korean are my main languages that I resort to daily. With German and Japanese, I can have simple conversations and read and write with a level one expectancy. I believe it is important for me to improve my German since my family lives in Europe and will be staying there for a while. I started learning German in high school. It wasn’t a popular choice, since it was new: Spanish and French were the most popular. My instructor then was patient and very interested in teaching German.
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Unformatted text preview: Thanks to her I was able to appreciate the new language. Therefore, I decided to continue German in college by taking German 1E. I forgot some of the German I learned two years ago, so this class was a good review. But, I also learned much more grammar and was forced to speak German more than I have previously. This is mainly due to the way the exercises are set up and the limitations of time. While in college, I am working on learning both German and Japanese. They are the two languages that interest me the most. I get confused once in a while thinking from one language to the other, but I really enjoy the experience. Ich kann nicht Deutsch 2 im Frühlingsemester nehmen wegen der Konflikte in meinem Zeitplan. Jedoch nehme ich dem Kurs folgendes Jahr. Ich hoffe, ich nicht vergesse Deutsch bis dann....
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