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German 1E, Section 1 August 31, 2007 First Self-Reflection I was born in Bremerhaven, German, a northern port city, along with my brother. However, I never got the chance to learn about the language or the culture since my family moved several months after I was born. Because of this link, I chose to pursue German as my foreign language in high school. I took German I as a freshman, which was the same year the program was introduced. Two years later, I continued with German II. During those two years of learning, our class was able to complete up to half of the German II book. Therefore, I basically learned one and half years worth of German. I did not take the next level in my senior year. It was not by choice. However, during the summer before arriving at Berkeley, my family took a Europe trip. We drove from the Netherlands, though Germany and Austria, down to Italy and came back up passing Switzerland.
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Unformatted text preview: We were able to visit the hospital I was born in, which was one of the highlights of the trip. Our vacation was about a week long, and during that time, I was able to practice some German. I witnessed that German was used in every country we visited which would make learning German very valuable when in Europe. By taking German in college, I hope to be able to refresh and greatly improve my speaking and writing abilities. Becoming fluent is my goal. I plan on establishing German as my third language, so I will be continuing into German II during a later semester. I suppose completing all of the assigned tasks and being well prepared for the tests will help me achieve my objective. However, I also believe employing supplementary materials, such as German music, movies, outside dialogues, and independent study, will better prepare myself for the rest of the semester....
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