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Rhetoric- Etymology Project

Rhetoric- Etymology Project - great inequality of...

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Etymology: Luxury Luxury (n) Example from Mythologies (Soap-powders and Detergents) “As for foam, it is well known that it signifies luxury ” (37). Other forms: luxury (adj), luxurious (adj) Etymology: - OF: luxurie – adaptation of Latin word luxuria , formed on luxu-s (abundance, sumptuous enjoyment). - French: luxure , Spanish: lujúria , Italian: lussuria - In Latin and in the Roman languages, the world connotes vicious indulgence. - First obsolete definition dates back to 1340. Definitions: 1. Lasciviousness, lust . Obs. (1340-1812) 1577 Bullinger's Decades - “Therewithal he doth inclusiuely vnderstand all kindes of lust and luxurie.” 1602 M ARSTON Antonio's Rev - Mellida is light, And stained with adulterous luxury.” 2. The habitual use of, or indulgence in what is choice or costly, whether food, dress, furniture, or appliances of any kind. (1633-1891) 1791-1823 D'I SRAELI Cur. Lit .
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Unformatted text preview: great inequality of fortune!” 1718 L ADY M. W. M ONTAGU Let. to C'tess Mar -“The piece of luxury that grieved my eyes was the table-cloth and napkins.” 3. Refined and intense enjoyment (1715-1869) 1749 F IELDING Tom Jones - “She indulged herself. .in all the luxury of tender grief.” 1869 E ADIE Galat. - “The enlightenment of the apostle was not for his own individual luxury.” 4. Something which conduces to enjoyment or comfort in addition to what are accounted the necessaries of life. Hence, in recent use, something which is desirable but not indispensable. (1780-present) 1780 B ENTHAM Princ. Legisl. - “Necessaries come always before luxuries.” 1833 H. M ARTINEAU Briery Creek - “He buys a new luxury which will yield no good beyond his own selfish pleasure.”...
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