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Paper 3 Prewrite - Towards the end of the story the reader...

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Rhetoric R1A, Section 5 October 19, 2007 Paper 3 Prewriting “1” How do the repeated details affect the story’s development? What did Stein want to achieve by using such unique form of repetition? “10” The reader can more readily identify connections between the characters, which could be important in understanding the plot. An example is when Stein mentions that Herman Kreder “too” did whatever he was told, which refers to Lena. Lena and Herman both initially did not care much about getting married. Later we see how this translates to how “Herman never really cared much about his wife, Lena.” Both Lena and Herman were good workers and did not know how to spend their money. This repetition proves that the combination of the two cannot help Lena in becoming more of an individual in society. Some repeated details are paired and are mentioned together. Example is how “He [Herman] was obedient to his mother, but he did not care much to get married.”
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Unformatted text preview: Towards the end of the story, the reader can tell that the conclusion is near from the repetitions. The phrases, which are repeated, soon go on for too long and have no other details to report. The repetitions also foreshadow. Lena’s death is an example. When a new detail is introduced for the first and possibly only time, it stands out. Or when it is not mentioned again until most the plot has developed. The “good german cook” mentions after Lena dies how Lena had been gentle and sweet. This was mentioned in the very first sentence of the story and connects the start and the end of the novella. Emphasizes characters’ feelings and state of beings. Perhaps the repetitions were the only details Stein thought were needed to convey Lena’s life. The reader learns at the very end how Herman enjoys his life. He lives a content, peaceful life alone with his three children (with emphasis on alone)....
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