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Rhetoric R1A, Section 5 November 30, 2007 Paper 4 Outline: “The Instruction Manual” Style and Content, Personality?, Meaning Working Thesis: Therefore, the reader can conclude that, by examining the style and content, and how they complement each other, of John Ashbery’s “The Instruction Manual,” that the poem is personal even though Ashbery did not mean for it to be. 1 st Paragraph: Introduction of the poem and John Ashbery. Brief explanation of personality in poetry. Working thesis. 2 nd Paragraph: Dream vs. reality. Explain what Ashbery did in the opening and closing sections as well as how the middle is the dream. 3 rd Paragraph: The use of vibrant colors in the poem. Show examples and say what they represent (a better situation then the present). 4 th
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Unformatted text preview: Paragraph: Breakdown of the eight sections of the poem. Their transitions and contents. 5 th Paragraph: Ashberys holistic style of writing in the eight sections. If the two (content & style) match 6 th Paragraph: What it means to be personal or impersonal. How the poem is personal even though it is not meant to be (symbolizes nothing). Opposing views? Use citations. 7 th Paragraph: Conclusion and touch on all points made. How can develop further and didnt. Transition out. Passages & Lines of Poetry: Lines showing use of colors. Lines from reality sections. Page 60 of Paul Valerys Poetry and Abstract Thought about poetic state. Page 107 of Elliots Tradition and the Individual Talent about poets personality. 1...
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