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Paper 3 Prewrite 2

Paper 3 Prewrite 2 - till the end of the story and is a...

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Rhetoric R1A, Section 5 October 19, 2007 Paper 3 Prewriting #2 Passages from pages 217 & 241 “1” How do the repetitions show foreshadowing, emphasize the character’s state of beings, and appear paired together? (From three observations in the previous prewriting) “10” “He hated to have women with them” is a repeated statement and foreshadows why Herman runs away the day before the marriage. “He was obedient to his mother, but he did not care much to get married.” This phrase reoccurs
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Unformatted text preview: till the end of the story and is a humorous pair. It is mentioned that Lena is becoming more and more lifeless. This literally happens since she later dies. The reader knows that the fourth baby dies since it is like its mother, “lifeless.” Both Lena and Kreder are similar in that they do not care much to get married, are gentle, and have sullen tempers. The passage explains why Herman ends up taking care of his children and enjoys doing so....
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