1st Essay - 1 L&S 20A October 9, 2007 Apparently with...

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October 9, 2007 Apparently with no surprise The Fifty-Eight-Syllable Experience At first, after I read this poem, I was thoroughly confused. I had little knowledge of what the poem meant and what experience it was suppose to give me as a whole. The choice of diction creates a feeling of randomness, which adds to my bewilderment. First of all, “Apparently with no surprise” gives an impression to the reader that whatever is mentioned next is obvious and should be know by any educated person (Dickinson, line 1). However, that phrase of obviousness is placed before a very complicated and confound poem. This makes the next following lines as though they can be understood, even though they cannot be entirely. “Any” (line 2) states that all flowers are not surprised; however, in the next line, “it” (line 3) is used as a pronoun of the flowers. There is a nonparallel relationship here between “any happy flower” (line 2) and “it” (line 3). Readers usually just assume that “it” is referring to a flower, even though a specific flower has not been used, which gives an impression that the reader understands what shouldn’t really be understood. This kind of experience is what makes readers enjoy this poem. People like the idea of knowing everything that they read or listen to. “happy flower” (line 2) allows the poem to be read smoothly, for “happy” is a common word linked with “flower.” Readers experience a sudden change in word linkage in line 3 with
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1st Essay - 1 L&S 20A October 9, 2007 Apparently with...

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