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L8 Exercises - Rhetoric R1A, Section 5 November 16, 2007...

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Rhetoric R1A, Section 5 November 16, 2007 Lesson 8 Exercises 8.1-8.3 Exercise 8.1 1. Proponents of workfare have not yet shown it is a successful alternative to welfare because they have not shown evidence that it can provide meaningful and regular employment for welfare recipients. Therefore, it is premature to recommend that all the states should fully commit themselves to it. 2. Teachers and administrators and even journalists have debated grade inflation. However, employers looking for people with high levels of technical and analytical skills have no trouble finding desirable candidates. 3. We could prevent foreign piracy of videos and CDs if the justice systems of foreign countries moved cases faster through their courts and imposed stiffer penalties. But we can not expect any immediate improvement in the level of expertise of judges who hear these cases. 4. School officials responsible for setting policy about school security have said that local principals may require students to pass through metal detectors before entering a school building. Therefore, parents and students need to be educated about the seriousness of bringing onto school property anything that looks like a weapon. This must be made a part of the total package of school security. 5. The music industry has ignored the problem of how to apply a rating system to offensive lyrics
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L8 Exercises - Rhetoric R1A, Section 5 November 16, 2007...

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