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German Moive ECs - He should have assumed that he would be...

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German 1E, Section 1 December 7, 2007 Extra Credit “Liebelei” The film “Liebelei” is a nice film to watch, even though the plot is pretty obvious. It contains a bit of humor, but mostly tragedy. Usually, I don’t watch movies like this, but I decided to watch it for a change. While I was watching the film, I found myself dependent on the English subtitles. There were some parts when the subtitles did not show. On those cases, I understood most of what was going on. The beginning of the movie started off with a scene of people watching a performance. One thing I noticed in the scene was that almost all the people in their seats were fanning themselves with paper. Of course, back in that time period, it must have been hot in those kinds of theaters without air conditioners. When I saw that Lieutenant Fritz was having an affair with the Barons wife, I knew that the film would end tragically. To me, it seemed irresponsible to move on with Christine while hiding his previous affair.
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Unformatted text preview: He should have assumed that he would be caught. The past cannot just be erased when someone wants it to be. I guess he was just blinded by his relationship with Christine. The scene of Fritz’s friend, Lieutenant Theo, trying to stop the duel between Fritz and the Baron was pretty intense. Theo was arguing with his commanding officer to stop the duel in order to save Fritz’s and Christine’s happiness. When Theo lost control and was yelling at his commanding officer, it showed how frustrated he was and how much of a good friend he was too. I found the ending to be predictable, because of the fact that it is a story about love and tragedy. It was unfortunate that the one shot that the Baron fired was able to kill Fritz. I thought it was a little too dramatic for Christine to commit suicide by jumping out a window. In a way, it is Fritz fault for Christine’s death. Overall, the movie was enjoyable and I was able to practice my German listening skills....
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German Moive ECs - He should have assumed that he would be...

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