Chem 1A Experiment 9 Lab Report - GSI: Lance Lee Lab Day:...

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GSI: Lance Lee Lab Day: Fri 1-5pm Lab Room: #205, “D” 4-25-08 Chemistry 1A Experiment 9: Potentiometric Tirtrations Purpose Investigate different acids by titrating them using a standardized sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution. Then create and compare titration curves with other groups to complete the study of acids. The goal is to learn the chemistry and properties of a variety of acids and how to do a potentiometric titration correctly. Methods To start the titration, an acid sample had to be assigned to us. Our acid sample was 0.030 M HCOOH. A pH meter, a buret, and standardized NaOH solution were the only other equipment needed. Before titrating, the pH meter had to be calibrated following the instructions in the Appendix. Also, it is important that during the titration, the solution was mixed and the probe tip was below the solution. Beginning the setup, 150 mL of 0.030 M HCOOH was dispensed into a beaker. Then, 50.0 mL of our acid solution was transferred into 250 mL beaker using a graduated cylinder. The buret was rinsed a couple of times using the standardized NaOH solution and then filled to the 0 mL point. By starting right at 0.00 mL, it made the experiment easier since we could start and stop the buret more accurately on each mL mark.
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Chem 1A Experiment 9 Lab Report - GSI: Lance Lee Lab Day:...

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