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Ad Analysis Essay - Asbury 1 Zach Asbury English 015...

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Asbury 1 Zach Asbury English 015 McKelvey 3 February 2008 Final Draft Pure Temptation “Eat Good. Look Great.” This is the slogan that Pure Protein, a sport nutritional supplements company which sells protein bars and shakes, uses in their December 2006 ad in Flex magazine. Who doesn’t want to eat well and look great? That is why this ad is so appealing. Today’s society stresses physical fitness and the perfect body. It is nearly impossible to go a day without seeing either a TV commercial, magazine ad, or billboard displaying a man or women with an ideal physique. Pure Protein has created a successful advertisement aimed towards the physically aroused using such methods such as fitness and sexual appeal. The ad concentrates around a couple pressed up against another while the woman is peaking over the man’s shoulder stealthily taking the protein bar out of his back pocket. The dark lighting and the shirtless man on the seemingly naked woman emphasize the ad’s theme of temptation and desire. The first thing you see are the man and the woman, but then you look down where the woman is reaching and see the protein bar. It is then that your attention is brought to the writing in the middle of the ad, “The only thing more rewarding than resisting temptation, is finding a
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Ad Analysis Essay - Asbury 1 Zach Asbury English 015...

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