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Accounting Stock Essay - Acct 2101 Lyman Extra Credit...

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Acct 2101 Lyman Extra Credit Recent Stocks Google’s stock has been on a large decline throughout this quarter and the previous. This can be attributed to a continuous decline in search traffic on the search engine. As a result of the decline in users, pay-per-click advertisements have also dropped substantially. Both these factors contribute to the large decline in Google’s stock this quarter. Tiffany and company stocks fell throughout this time period mainly due to the difficult economic environment. Many are cutting back on buying expensive items due to the rising gas and food costs. People are less likely to purchase diamonds and other precious metals in these times of poor credit and housing markets. To compensate, Tiffany and Company is downgrading to perform instead of outperform. Coach managed to maintain a stable stock price throughout this quarter. Total revenues grew over 15% along with a 20% increase in sales. This was due to the opening of five major retail stores and two factories. Coach predicts their stocks to rise even more during the next
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Accounting Stock Essay - Acct 2101 Lyman Extra Credit...

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