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IV. PRIMARY RECOMMENDATIONS Through our primary research, the Gustavus Greek community has shown much promise and prospect for the development of “new leaders for a new tomorrow.” Namely, in its; value of leadership skills and development amongst the different Greek organizations and its individual members; high level of student membership (300 students); and in its location within a healthy environment of higher education which encourages servant leadership. However, like any organization there is always room for improvement. This section of the proposal will elaborate in more detail on the primary recommendations pertaining to leadership development within the greater Gustavus Greek community. Our recommendations were limited in scope by the fact that Leadership Initiative at Gustavus is in its infancy and cannot effectively meet the needs of all the Greeks at once. To this end, we have identified what we believe to be the two audiences within the Greek community that are in most immediate need of leadership development and that can most quickly help the larger Greek community reach their goals over the next few years. In the short term, our primary recommendations will be tailored to meet the needs of these two student audiences: emerging leaders (newly initiated members) and experienced leaders (seniors). Emerging and Experienced Leadership Programs We will first elaborate on the emerging leaders (new Greek members). This group of students defined as newly initiated members (typically second semester sophomores and juniors) just beginning their chapter membership and involvement Leadership for Academic Credit and Scholarship Effective motivation, weather it be employee, student, volunteer, or etc, has long been a difficult and important duty for any organization. Companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Roche Diagnostics consider employee motivation and satisfaction as critical for organizational success, and we see the Gustavus Greek community as no different.
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O.B. - Final Paper - Recommendations - IV PRIMARY...

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