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Exam 1 Study Guide Collective Security: (p.90-91) – Liberal Theory - Formation of broad alliances for the purpose of jointly opposing aggression by an actor. - Proposed by German Philosopher Kant o Majority of states could unite to punish any state that committed aggression, safeguarding the collective interests of the nations and their individual interests. - League of Nations didn’t work (No US, and members didn’t want to bear the costs of war) - Worked in the Gulf War - UN Neo-Liberal Institutionalism – liberal theory - An approach that stresses the importance of international institutions in reducing the inherent conflict that realists assume in an international system; the reasoning is based on the core liberal idea that seeking long-term mutual gains is often more rational than maximizing individual short-term gains. - Neoliberal vs. Realist concept – war irrational and harm long-term interests; war rational because it advances short-term state interests. - Reciprocity- international institutions operate by reciprocal contributions and concessions of formally equal members. o Ex. World Trade Organization- decisions require consensus Democratic Peace Theory – liberal theory - Democratic countries don’t fight each other. (Democratic Peace) - No major historical battles have occurred between them. - Why? o Tend to be capitalist states whose trade relations create strong interdependence o Citizens of democratic societies don’t see the citizens of other democratic states as enemies. (citizens decide on war) Collective actions/ goods problem
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Exam 1 Study Guide - Exam 1 Study Guide Collective...

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