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IR MidTermConcepts - preferences UN Security Council International system Multi bi and unipolar Non-state actors NGOs MNCs and violent networks

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International Relations (PSC 124.200) Swedlund/Schmitz Spring 2008 Concepts for mid-term preparation First, second, third image (levels of analysis) Collective goods Causes of and World War II and the Cold War Prisoners’ dilemma Free-riding/cheating End of the Cold War Neorealism Liberalism: domestic sources of state cooperation UN Charter and use of force: Iraq and Kosovo Anarchy Democratic peace: explanations Kosovo: legal, illegal? Security dilemma Transaction costs, information, monitoring, transparency, adjudication Realists and the Iraq war Balance of power Constructivism/idealism/identity perspective Core differences between United Nations and League of Nations External/internal balancing Beyond interests: ‘doing the right thing’ ICC and ICJ: basic differences Deterrence Identity: defining interests and
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Unformatted text preview: preferences UN Security Council International system: Multi-, bi-, and unipolar Non-state actors: NGOs, MNCs, and violent networks What is a state? Limits of neorealism Norms: definition and role International law (Neo)liberal institutionalism Following norms: Fear/compliance/conformity Sovereignty Cooperation under anarchy NGOs and transnationalism Ratification and Signature Explain cooperation: Reciprocity and international institutions Neoliberal versus sociological institutionalism Collective security tit-for-tat strategy (reciprocity; iterated games) Anarch ies , not anarchy Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) Interdependence IGOs as instruments, arenas, and actors Rationality/utilitarianism Mandate and membership of IGOs...
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