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PSC 124.200: International Relations Hans Peter Schmitz, Spring 2008 Actors in IR What is a state? A state is a legal entity with a permanent population (1), a defined territory (2), and a government (3). A state has sovereignty , meaning that it controls its own borders, controls domestic affairs (monopoly of violence), and solely represents the territory/population internationally. Under international law, all states are equal in their rights. What is an intergovernmental organization (IGOs)? An intergovernmental organization is always based on a treaty among two or more states. IGOs differ in their mandates (broad or specialized) and membership (universal or limited). What is a non-state actor? Non-state actors are private organizations and always based on the initiative of private citizens. There are three basic types: 1. non-governmental organizations (not-for-profit), 2. multinational corporations (for profit), and 3. violent non-state actors (terrorists, drug cartels, traffickers).
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