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PSC 124.200: International Relations Hans Peter Schmitz, Spring 2008 Definitions International Relations (IR, the discipline): the study of social interactions outside of any single governmental jurisdiction. IR is multi-disciplinary and contains (overlapping) subfields such as international law, international economics, diplomatic history, and international politics. Traditionally, IR is part of political science. international relations (ir, the issue area): interactions among (sovereign) states, intergovernmental organizations and non-state actors, which occur in the absence of any higher authority. Related terms: world/ global politics, foreign policy studies, international affairs/studies. State: A legal entity with a permanent population, a defined territory and a government capable of exercising control over both and conducting relations with other states. Sovereignty : a legal and political concept describing a state’s ability to exclusively control its borders, its territory, and domestic affairs as well as represent its population internationally. Norm:
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