08.29.07 - Lecture 1 Background Information Indentured...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 1: August 29, 2007 Background Information Indentured Servants • ½ of people coming from Britain during the colonial times were indentured servants • 4-7 years in which you give it up your freedom ○ This was worth the sacrifice because it was believed it led to a better life • The ride to the new world was a difficult that tested the people ○ Many died ○ Hard way to live life in order to obtain opportunity • Came from the ranks of the poorest • Signed a contract which stated named of master and delineated duties • Could be sold ○ You would be herded ○ Families split • Some didn’t come voluntarily ○ Children taken off the streets ○ Practice approved by superior society in Britain ○ Redeeming lives of these kids • British decided to send criminals to distant lands to rid themselves of that population (1/5) ○ Emptier jails • Sent out because they were poor (4/5) • Satisfied the need for labor power ○ There was great demand for labor ○ A lot of labor intensive jobs • Servants wouldn’t have been able to meet all demands • Quality of life was determined by masters • Very few restraints imposed by governments • Servants were property but you retained your identity as a human being ○ Sometimes gov would prevent masters from abusing servants to some extent • Southern life for servants was harsher • Northerners wanted indentured servants to succeed • ○ Could aspire to be a small landowner Degrades labor ○ You are just poverty but not the lowest Slavery • Much cheaper than indentured servants • Not finite • Became the dominate source of labor in the south • Free labor class are highly skilled people that are seeking for the opportunities never obtained in their native land ...
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08.29.07 - Lecture 1 Background Information Indentured...

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