09.03.07 - Lecture 2 September 3 2007 Working class were...

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Lecture 2: September 3, 2007 Working class were demoted and demeaned People who were hiring skilled labor wanted to minimize costs Didn’t want the working class to live above their stations o Sumptuary laws: laws that restrict the way of living of a person Class system of the old world transported to the new world Laws illustrated the how they viewed the working class , it was a form of identity Upper class in british society classified as the professional class Nobility did not really come to the new world, many were investors, Many highly skilled workers saved their money for the purpose of becoming farmers or owning lands Risked the journey to the new world to escape the confines of your class The working class noticed that their hopes were not being realized AMERICAN REVOLUTION o Opposed by many o No ardent supportes, except for those that were naïve that believed that it would cause great changes of o They believed literally that America would become a better place o It was going to be a social/political revolution o Equality would at long last be realized o They gave themselves to the revolution o (working, laboring class that had something to live for) People that were very unhappy with british colonial control Was the crowd People that spilled their blood it wasn’t lawyers were from the free laboring class Believed that the success of revolution they would be better off
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Society would usher generally egalitarian way of leaving o It was political theatre o Declaration was a diatribe Writing for the purpose of agitating people Working class easily stimulated
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09.03.07 - Lecture 2 September 3 2007 Working class were...

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