09.29.07 - Lecture 9 World War One One of the most...

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Lecture 9 September 26, 2007 World War One One of the most traumatic war in American history o Most traumatic civil war Went to war with very great apprehension with the decision to go to war People believed that we shouldn’t go to war o It was a European war o There was nothing we could do o salvage Europe’s apparent tragic fate Public opinion began to change WWI was based on the decision that was debated in congress o Very unpopular o Two largest immigrant groups Irish and German Thus a lot of people didn’t want US to destroy to Germany Irish hated the English and America was allies with England o By going to war then isolation would be ruptured o We go to war on the notion that the world would be a better place 1915 federal gov had been encouraged to do something about the threat posed by the IWW IWW had been subject to repression from the beginning, but it had been local or state o There had been no federal crackdown o But they couldn’t find that any federal law that was being violated, the fed gov was sympathetic to the people against the IWW 1917 in order to successfully prosecute the war there can’t be organized dissent o Laws were passed to chill any time of dissent o Prevent conspiracy o IWW will be punished not the basis on what they do but on the basis on what
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09.29.07 - Lecture 9 World War One One of the most...

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