3000test1 - 1) Sustainable development is a critical issue...

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1) Sustainable development is a critical issue because it dictates our current and future success as well as improving the way we live today, and how we will live in the future. Many cities do not share the same improvements toward a sustainable development though. In cities such as Atlanta and Tokyo, emphasis is put on improving the environment with such things as the BeltLine, transportation with new methods of mass/alternative transit, and increasing economics of the city with improved efficiency and higher productivity through better production methods. Cities like Bangkok and Lagos focus more along transportational development, trying to eliminate congestion (this change will also help improve economics of the city bringing in more wealth and diversity. These cites also have higher health risks, so improving quality of life that way is also in their interest. b) “Vision for Civil Engineering in the Year 2025” addresses many things that civil engineers should have and will have gained in the year 2025, for creating and improving sustainable developments. The primary focus was on education in pre and post baccalaureate educations. Here leadership, technical, and non-technical attributes will be focused upon in an effort to improve communication between others to advance sustainable developments. Leadership is another big effort to allow the future civil engineer to function effectively. The vision is to see more civil engineers into public offices so they can directly affect the policy and legislation to infrastructure and stability. And these public improvements might lead to new innovations and developments which may help in minimizing effects of natural disasters and maximizing non-renewable resources and recycling efforts. These would mostly refer to what are called “green” designs which are environmentally friendly technologies. There are many of these today and are at the forefront of the civil engineering community and are becoming more of a routine in new structures. Civil engineers also need to be experienced with the needs for drinking water, sustainable energy, and clean air locally and on a global scale. As the world becomes more populated, greater demands will be needed for
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3000test1 - 1) Sustainable development is a critical issue...

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