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ArtH 4236 Reading Response #2: How do nature and nurture come together in the female body as conceived either in the Hippocratic writings or in Aristotle? Date: 9/11/2008 Name: Seong eun Hong In the ancient medical texts, gender difference is prominent. According to the social norm, male body is superior to female body. Laqueur argues that in the ancient Greek world, there was one sex body where the boundaries between male and female were of degree and not of kind: for female, cold, weak and passive and for male, hot, strong and active. Instead of purely scientific observations, the mechanism of a female body is construed by myth, religion, and philosophy. Male ascendancy over female body is explained by the flesh and blood. Even though Hippocrates takes a different view on women that they are not just cold men but are creatures different from men in physiology, he also maintains the male superiority over female in his treatise. According to Hippocrates, woman’s flesh is more sponge-like
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