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Unformatted text preview: 1 Anna Larouche CIE100.Q September 9, 2008 Questions on Genesis 12-22: 1. Why does God order Abraham to leave? What is the outcome of leaving home, hitting the road and becoming a stranger? So he can make him a great nation, bless him, and make his name great. When Abraham leaves, he finds himself having to protect his wife by claiming she is his sister, and because no one knows him he is granted great treasures. However because the Pharaoh lies with his wife, plagues afflict him, and so he kicks Abraham out because he has discovered Sarah is his wife, not his sister. 2. Why has God chosen to work through a nation rather than through individuals? Why, in other words, does God choose a political solution for the problem of human sin & misbehavior? Perhaps because politics are much more real to human beings concerning their life on earth, so it is only right that He choose to affect them very personally. 3. In Chapters 12 and 20 Abraham claims that Sarah is his sister. Why? What do these stories tell us about Abraham? He claims she is his sister so she is not killed and he may continue unharmed. He knows either way that she will be taken, but if he claims she is his sister, and not his wife, then they have no reason to kill him. This may show us two things about Abrahamperhaps he wishes to 2 preserve his life for his wife, so she will not be upset, but perhaps it also may show us that he is a bit selfish, as he does nothing to prevent her stealing, he simply saves his own skin by...
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cie100qGenesishomeworkdoc2 - 1 Anna Larouche CIE100.Q...

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