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Lecture outline exam 1 - Lecture outline Organizational...

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Lecture outline Organizational goals- provide employees with purpose, direction, and control Better to be effective than efficient -main managerial functions are connections and control Connecting people to the environment- helping employees and team members understand the world both inside and outside the organization, as well as the importance of these environments to the organization Connecting people to the purpose- managers must assist employees and tema members in understanding the value of their efforts. Connecting people with people- helping employees create and maintain internal and external networks of people Connecting people to the right resources- managers must help employees and team members manage the resources at their disposal, including time, technology, and information. Contol- Top level- strategic Mid level- tactical First line- operational Team members and leaders- team level Henry Mintzberg- 3 roles -interpersonal- figurehead, leader, liason -informational- monitor, disseminator, spokesperson -decisional- entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator *top level emphasize liason, spokesperson, and figurehead *first line managers emphasize leader -ever successful manager should have technical, conceptual, and human skills (most important) in mistakes focus on failing to control one’s time and being insensitive to others Historical perspectives focus on efficiency in terms of production, people, and profits. Classical approach- do work more efficiently -Prescientific management- Henry Towne (shifted away from the technical skills of individuals and towards the management skills of individuals -Scientific management- finding the single best way for individuals to perform a task. Frederick Taylor (given credit for the development of the true science of management) o Soldiering- underachieving o Story of Schmidt (approached and asked if he wanted to make extra) o 4 principles of scientific management Find one best way to do things through scientific methods
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Lecture outline exam 1 - Lecture outline Organizational...

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