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Unformatted text preview: 13 Integrated Marketing Communication: Personal Selling and Direct Marketing The Nature of Personal Selling Most salespeople are welleducated, well trained professionals who work to build and maintain longterm customer relationships. The term salesperson covers a wide range of positions: Order taker: Department store clerk Order getter: Creative selling in different environments 13-2 The Role of the Sales Force Represent the Company to Customers to Produce Company Profit Sales Force Serves as a Critical Link Between a Company and its Customers Since They: Represent Customers to the Company to Produce Customer Satisfaction 13-3 Major Steps in Sales Force Management 13-4 Designing Sales Force Strategy and Structure Territorial Exclusive Territory to Sell the Company's Full Product Line Complex Forms Are a Combination of Any Types of Sales Force Structures Product Sales Force Sells Only a Portion of The Company's Products or Lines Customer Sales Force Sells Only to Certain Customers or Industries 13-5 Other Sales Force Strategy and StrSaleslsllsllsllsllsllslslsllucture Issues Outside Sales Force Travel to Call on Customers Sells to Major Accounts Finds Major New Prospects Inside Sales Force Conduct Business From Their Offices Via Phone/Buyer Visits Tele Technical Marketer Sales Support & Assistants People Internet 13-6 Team Selling Used to service large, complex accounts. Can include experts from different areas of selling firm. Pitfalls: Can confuse or overwhelm customers Some people have trouble working in teams Hard to evaluate individual contributions 13-7 Some Traits of Good Salespeople 13-8 Recruiting Salespeople Recommendation s from current sales force Employment agencies Classified ads Web searches College students Recruit from other companies 13-9 Sales Force Training Goals Learn about and identify with the company. Learn about the company's products. Learn customers' and competitors' characteristics. Learn how to make effective presentations. Learn field procedures and responsibilities. 13-10 Compensating Salespeople To Attract Salespeople, a Company Must Have an Attractive Plan Made Up of Several Elements Fixed Amount: Usually a Salary Variable Amount: Usually Commissions Or Bonuses Expense Allowance: For JobRelated Expenses 13-11 Supervising Salespeople Directing Salespeople Identify Customer Targets & Call Norms Motivating Salespeople Organizational Climate Sales Quotas Positive Incentives Sales Meetings Sales Contests Honors and Trips Merchandise/Cash Time Spent Prospecting for New Accounts Use Sales Time Efficiently Annual Call Plan TimeandDuty Analysis Sales Force Automation 13-12 How Salespeople Spend Their Time 13-13 Major Steps in Effective Selling 13-14 The Personal Selling Process Prospecting The salesperson identifies qualified potential customers Preapproach The salesperson learns as much as possible about a prospective customer before making a sales call Approach The salesperson meets the customer for the first time Presentation The salesperson tells the "product story" to the buyer, highlighting customer benefits 13-15 The Personal Selling Process Handling Objections The salesperson seeks out, clarifies, and overcomes customer objections to buying Closing The salesperson asks the customer for an order Followup The salesperson follows up after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business 13-16 The New Direct-Marketing Model Some firms use direct marketing as a supplemental medium. For many companies, direct marketing constitutes a new and complete model for doing business. Some firms employ the direct model as their only approach. Some see this as the new marketing model of the next millennium. 13-17 Benefits and Growth of Direct Marketing Benefits to Buyers Benefits to Sellers Convenient Easy to use Private Product access and selection Abundance of information Immediate Interactive Consumer relationship building Reduces costs Increases speed and efficiency Provides flexibility Global medium 13-18 Forms of Direct Marketing 13-19 Direct-Response TV Marketing DirectResponse Advertising Infomercials Home Shopping Channels 13-20 Integrated Direct-Marketing The use of carefully coordinated multiplemedia, multiplestage campaigns. 13-21 Public Policy and Ethical Issues in Direct Marketing Irritation to Consumers Taking unfair advantage of impulsive or less sophisticated buyers Targeting TVaddicted shoppers Deception, Fraud Invasion of Privacy 13-22 ...
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