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C&EE 125 R. Nigbor Earthquake Engineering Spring 2008 Assignment No. 4 DUE WEDNESDAY MAY 14, 2008 Problem 4-1 (4 points) Site characterization data from the ROSRINE (Resolution of Site Response Issues in the Northridge Earthquake) project are posted on Courseweb for the Arleta Strong Motion Station. Download the files and do the following: A. Review the Boring Log for the geotechnical drilling at the site. Was geological rock reached in this boring? B. Download and review the P & S Wave Velocity data for this site. The data will be in an Excel file. “Engineering Rock” is often defined as material where shear wave velocity Vs>750m/s. Where would you define “Engineering Rock” for this site? (Give your reasons) C. Calculate Vs30 (Average Vs in the top 30m) for this site. [Remember to average the interval travel times, NOT the velocities!!] D. Which UBC site category is the Arleta Station? Problem 4-2 (6 points
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