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CEE125-SPR08-HW6 - Assume that there are no nearby faults...

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CEE 125 R. Nigbor Earthquake Engineering Spring 2008 Assignment No. 6 DUE WEDNESDAY JUNE 4, 2008 Problem 6-1 (4 points) You are designing a replacement 2-story fire station building at the fire station containing the Arleta strong motion station. The building will be as follows: 2 Story building Fire Station occupancy Steel Frame (SMRF) 6” concrete floor on the 2 nd floor and roof. Story height 12’. Foot print 80 ft x 40 ft 30’-wide, 2-story high-bay area on one end for garage (adding irregularity and affecting weight). Based on IBC2006, calculate preliminary seismic design base shear and story forces for this building. List all of your assumptions, and select and use the appropriate lateral force procedure. Remember, this site is close to a fault, as it is above the 1994 Northridge Earthquake rupture! Problem 6-2 (2 points) Change the location to Las Vegas, NV (West Cheyenne Avenue at North Buffalo Drive). Assume soil type D.
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Unformatted text preview: Assume that there are no nearby faults. Calculate the design base shear and story forces. Compare with the Arleta location. Problem 6-3 (4 points) A 4’ high, 5’ wide, 8’ long, 3000-lb HVAC fan unit supported at its corners is to be installed on the roof of the replacement fire station building. Because of the living space below, the unit might need to be installed on vibration isolation springs. Determine the IBC2006-required horizontal component force Fp for the two cases (with and without isolation springs). State the load combination equations that should be used to determine the anchorage forces (just give the equations, don’t do the calcs). Note: Design examples from the FEMA 451 CD I gave you will be helpful. Look at the Steel and Concrete design examples for help with selection of dead loads and live loads for Problem 6-1. Look at the Nonstructural design examples (Chapter 13) for help with Problem 6-3....
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