hist2 test1 - Frederick Jackson Turner -...

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Sheet1 Page 1 1859 - first oil well oil-Rockefeller - horizontal integration standard oil trust - legal way to organize company's assets 1901 - US steel. ..first Texas oil well. .spindletop Roosevelt President IMPACT mass production -> mass consumption advertising mail order catalogue department store brand name b lower cost goods rising immigration - New Immigrants - from southern and eastern europe 1881 - Chinese exclusionary act After 1906 no more Japanese immigration WEST Custer's last stand Battle of the little bighorn Battle of the Wounded Knee - 1890 - Census - more frontier of settlement
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Unformatted text preview: Frederick Jackson Turner - "Frontier Thesis" THE OLD SOUTH - diverse economy racism THE NEW SOUTH -textiles mills - in Carolinas white women Birmingham, Alabama - Steel industry growing 1883 - civil rights cases - discrimination are constitutional Louisiana railroad car law - racially segregated trains "separate but equal" 1896 - plessy vs fergusson - separate but equal Sheet1 Page 2 restrooms phone booths waiting rooms schools Jim crow laws 15th amendment - literacy test, poll tax. grandfather clause - unconstitutional violent intimidation,...
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hist2 test1 - Frederick Jackson Turner -...

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