PBL- Out-of-Class Assignment One

PBL Out-of-Class - money transaction Girls grow to be women and fulfill family’s needs very early on in life It’s a matter of life or death in

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Sarah Ohlinger Dr. Peters Sociology 100 13 November 2006 Out-of-Class Assignment One In taking on the viewpoint of one of the Taliban, the violent acts associated towards them would all be justified. Training Muslim children in preparation for war at a very young age would be routine. Embedding in there minds that women should be killed unless seen with a male would also be justified. The practice of praying daily also would become routine. The Taliban would feel no sympathy for the lives they destroy or the children whose lives they take away. Selling young girls to grown men is seen as a
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Unformatted text preview: money transaction. Girls grow to be women and fulfill family’s needs very early on in life. It’s a matter of life or death in Afghanistan; people do anything to save themselves and their families. We in America look at their practices as inhumane and disturbing, however if we were part of the Taliban, it would be custom to us to act in this way. A lot of things we do here in America they see as strange. However if we can learn to accept each others differences and actually take into account why people do certain things, we can all live peacefully....
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