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PBL- Out-of-Class Assignment Two - villagers in general is...

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Sarah Ohlinger Dr. Peters Sociology 100 15 November 2006 Out-of-Class Assignment Two: The story of Osama shows how as Americans we only care about ourselves. When the World Trade Center attacks occurred, we immediately went into Afghan in defense to get back at them for what they did to us. If that had never happened we would never have gone into Afghan. We never actually care about the welfare of people in other countries; we are selfish and do whatever it takes to make our society the best that it can possibly be. We never took into account the life of the Afghans and how intolerable it is to live there. The story Osama definitely shows us another side of the Taliban and Afghanistan that we as Americans had never imagined before. Seeing how they treat women and the
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Unformatted text preview: villagers in general is unacceptable in our eyes. Although it may be there tradition to some extent, they are killing off the lives of many innocent lives. The United States should have stepped in a long time ago to put a stop to these violence acts instead of coming in just for our own benefit. It’s just a shame that it takes a movie for some Americans to realize that we should care about other people in poorer countries who don’t have it as good as us. In reality however, Osama and her family do not matter much to us, we just continue to live our lives without ever considering how it is for the people in less fortunate countries....
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