Quiz # 6 Vocab

Quiz # 6 Vocab - Vocabulary Quiz # 6 Drive-Reduction...

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Vocabulary Quiz # 6 Drive-Reduction Theory: Theories of motivation that emphasize the role of internal factors. Homeostasis: The normal level of functioning that is characteristic of the healthy organism. Display Rules in Emotional Expression: A culture’s rules for the types of emotions people should experience in certain situations, and the behaviors (including facial expressions) appropriate for each emotion. Reliability: Yielding reproducible and consistent results. Validity: Measuring what is intended to be measured. MMPI: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory- One of the most popular personality inventories. (550 true and false questions) Projective Tests: Presents an ambiguous stimulus to which the person may respond as he or she wishes. MA: Mental Age IQ: Intelligent Quotient- Expresses intelligence as a ratio of mental age to chronological age Intelligence: That which a properly standardized intelligence test measures. The ability to learn from experience, thinks in abstract terms, and deal effectively with ones environment. Id: The most primitive part of the personality and the part from which the ego and the superego later develop. Acts according to the “pleasure principle” present at birth (“IT”) Ego: The executive of the personality. Acts according to the “reality principle” mediates between the “ID” and reality. Superego: The part of personality that judges whether actions are right or wrong. (“Over the I”) Represents the moral standards of the individual, develops with resolution of the oedipal complex. Psychosexual Stages: Freud’s term for the stages (oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital) during the first 5 years of life in which the individual progresses through developmental periods that affect his or her personality.
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1) Oral Stage: (First year of Life) -Child’s sexual pleasure focuses on the mouth -At first, passive pleasure in suckling -Later, active pleasure from biting and chewing 2.) Anal Stage: (2 nd year of Life) -Child begins to have voluntary control over the elimination of feces -At first, sexual pleasure derived from the elimination of feces. -Later, from withholding feces (anal-retentive or anal-expulsive)
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Quiz # 6 Vocab - Vocabulary Quiz # 6 Drive-Reduction...

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