Quiz #1 Vocab

Quiz #1 Vocab - Quiz # 1 Notes- Chapter 1, 17, & 18 # 1...

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# 1 Research Method = Naturalistic Observation- Going into natural habitat of subject and recording habits # 2 Research Method = Case Study- Number of participants of study = 1 or few ppl Data Collection : 1) Naturalistic Observation 2) Case Studies 3) Surveys 4) Experimentations 5) Correlation Studies Problems with Case Studies: - Low internal validity - Retrospective - Uncontrolled Variables (Unsure about cause and effect) - Low external validity- subject number is equal to 1 Internal Validity: Whether things in the study are accurate External Validity: Beyond the individuals of the study- population Surveys: The Kinsey Study- Human Sexuality Experiment: Determines cause and effect. First we develop a theory or idea (Exposure to violent role models increases aggression in kids) -Then we form a hypotheses or simple testable statement. “If…………………………. . Then………………. .” Independent Variable Dependent Variable (Manipulated by experiment) -Our Aim: We want to disprove the null hypothesis. The independent variable does not affect the dependent variable. Operational Definitions are important for replication. And replication is important for our reputations. -Often test Experimental Groups vs. Control Groups and we use Placebo Treatments,
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Quiz #1 Vocab - Quiz # 1 Notes- Chapter 1, 17, & 18 # 1...

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