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Exam 2 Notes - Foodservice Mgmt Exam 2 Notes Temperature...

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Foodservice Mgmt Exam 2 Notes Temperature Control: 1) Hot Foods: A) Lowerators B) Steam Tables- wet or dry (12x20) Warm plates so temp doesn’t cool C) Keeping Food Covered 2) Cold Foods: -Level of ice- Up to Level of food 3) Monitoring Temperatures Patient Food Service: 1) Meal Distribution Systems : A) Pellet Systems: Pros: China, Regular Carts, Inexpensive Cons: Temp? System for cold foods and hot beverages, burning of clients B) Insulated Components/ Trays: Pros: Temp, Regular Carts Cons: “Steamed” foods, Appearance, Disposables? C) Split Tray/Split System: Pros: China, Temp Control Cons: Carts, Expensive D) Rethermalizing: For Cook-Chill, Food put on cold and heated in carts electronically Pros: Temp Cons: Carts (Extra Set) Cost, Temp Regulation- Heat evenly? 2) Conveyors: -Manual, You move Tray -Skate Wheel- Little Wheels -Motorized Belt 3) Trayline Design/ Operation: -Stations -Menu Tickets -Speed -Temp -Checking Trays New Approaches: 1) Room Service: You call down to kitchen when and what you want to eat. Food is hot and not wasted. NO TRAYS 2) Just In Time Systems: All food served is on a cart and is rolled down and you are asked what you want and its served. (What if patients aren’t hungry at that particular time?) Cafeteria Food Service: Traditional Line: One big line- Used in schools, small kids Scramble System: Hope, Rams Den, You go to wherever you want
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Workplace Safety: - Severity : # of days lost per accident (Avg) - Frequency: # of times injuries occur (Twice the Avg) Common Injuries in Foodservice: 1) Falls 2) Cuts 3) Burns 4) Strains Safety: -Hospital Safety Committees -“Engineering, Education, Enforcement” OSHA Requirements: 1) Fire Extinguishers: Classes: A : Paper B: Grease C: Electronic 2) Fire Exits 3) Electrical- Wiring, All work and grounded 4) First Aid Kits 5) Records 6) Postings: Material Safety Data Sheets (Every Chemical) Fire Plans in Hospital Marketing: Process of identifying customers and their needs, and Developing products to satisfy those needs. Identifying Customers:
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Exam 2 Notes - Foodservice Mgmt Exam 2 Notes Temperature...

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