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Exam 1 Notes - Food Service Mgmt Exam 1 Notes Mgmt...

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Food Service Mgmt Exam 1 Notes Mgmt Functions: 1) Planning- Determining in advance what should happen. Ex: Goals, Obj, Policies, Procedures 2) Organizing- Grouping activities, delegating authority and Coordinating relationships, horizontally and vertically. Ex: Org Chart 3) Staffing- Determining the appropriate # of employees needed for the work to Be accomplished Ex: Human Resource Mgmt 4) Leading- Directing human resources for the accomplishment of goals/obj Ex: Leadership styles 5) Controlling- Ensuring that plans are followed Ex: Measuring actual performance against desired performance (QA) Planning: Goals- Desired future conditions that individuals, groups, or org strive to achieve Objectives- End point of the goal Policy- General Guidelines Procedures- Sequence of events or detailed steps Methods- Details one step in the process Rule- Statement of what must not be done Goals/Policies/Procedures: Number- More procedures than goals Specificity- Procedures are more specific than goals Relationship- All work together and relate to one another Standing Plans- All are standing plans, used over and over again. Control- Ensuring that plans are being followed -System to check that policies and procedures are being followed- thus Ensuring that your goals are being met (QA) Quality Assurance: QA= Control -Control is one of the 5 mgmt Functions under transformation -Control is also one of the main components of the food service systems model Quality Assurance: -Process used to ensure a particular level of quality- or to improve Quality over time Quality - features of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy a customers needs Organizations which Define Quality: 1) Accreditation Authority -Joint Commission (JCAHO) -American Dietetic Assoc (ADA) -New England Assoc of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) 2) No Accreditation Authority: -National Assoc. of College & University Foodservice (NACUFS) JACAHO- 3 rd party reimbursement ADA- Registration NEASC- Student Loans
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TQM- Total Quality Mgmt Six Stigma- Limiting defects ISO 9000- Standards- meeting worldwide Trends for Improving Quality in Healthcare: Prior to 1980- Meet published standards 1980’s- QA programs. Procedure that defines and ensures maintenance of standards w/ prescribed tolerances.
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