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Foodservice Mgmt Exam 3 Notes Management Principles: Types of Managers: 1) First Line: Directly supervise the people that are doing the day- to- day job. (Lots of technical) 2) Middle: B/w the person that’s directly supervising and the top. -Supervises the first line mgr & reports to top mgr (Lots of Human) 3) Top: Director of Dept, Boss (Lots of Conceptual) Management Skills: 1) Technical: being able to actually do the job that you’re supervising -Hands on experience 2) Human: People skills 3) Conceptual: Being able to think about 3 years in the future -What should we change today to do well in the future? *Managerial Levels & Skills* -Each level of managers needs some of all of the mgmt skills Roles of Managers: 1) Interpersonal: “Relationships” -Figurehead -Leader -Liaison 2) Informational: “Communication” -Monitor -Disseminator -Spokesperson 3) Decisional: “Decision Making” -Entrepreneur -Disturbance Handler -Resource Allocator -Negotiator Mgmt Functions: 1) Planning 2) Organizing 3) Staffing 4) Leading 5) Controlling
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1) Dimensions of Planning: A) Repetitiveness: -Standing Plans: Menus, Policies, Procedures -Single Use: Budget B) Time Span: -Short Term: 1 year or less (Operating budgets) -Long Term: Over 1 year (Building Projects, Changes in Org) -Strategic Planning: Making decisions about future outcomes C) Levels of Mgmt: Top Mgmt = Goals Objectives Middle Mgmt = Policies First Line Mgmt = Procedures, Methods D) Flexibility: Must be flexible to changes as needed 2) Organizing: -Grouping activities -Delegating authority -Coordinating Relationships Horizontally & Vertically -“A Structure” - Organization Chart: Labor is divided horizontally through Departmentalization and vertically through delegation of authority. -Vertically: Traditional top to down, clear lines of authority, increased levels of mgmt, fixed specific responsibilities. -Horizontal: (Patient Focused Care) “New” bottom up, team approach, decreased level of mgmt, flexible, cross training. Creating Departments/Units: -Function, Product, Equipment -Geography -Customer -Time or Shift Concepts of Organization: -Span of mgmt (how many ppl one manager manages) -Formal or acceptance authority -Line & Staff positions Human Resources Tools of Mgmt: 1) Organization Chart: Clarifies structure if organization 2) Job Specification: Duties, working conditions , qualifications
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Exam 3 Notes - Foodservice Mgmt Exam 3 Notes Management...

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