Soc 140 Lec Sept 4 - Soc 140 Lec Sept 4, 2007 Theories of...

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Soc 140 Lec Sept 4, 2007 Theories of Society and State Marx Society Composed of Distinct Classes Relational Concept Origins of Class Distinctions Class Conflict inevitable In a Class Society Lenin State as an Expression of Class Antagonisms State will Exist Weber Class History of Labor Day - first celebrated in 1880s – organized by the Knights of Labor – parade in 1882 in NYC - Labor Day rallies held - In 1886 there was a general strike that won us the 8 hour work day. - The events around the strike were very violent (violence and repression is associated with that strike. - In 1886 the federation of organized trade and labor unions set May 1 st the date by which the 8 hour work day would become law. Troops fired on those who were rallying. - Haymarket Square - Richard Flacks was concerned with the contradictions between democracy and liberty and the overwhelming private people in the US place on pursuing their private life instead of more societal oriented activities. Flacks argues that the reason for the appearance is: - People are pushed towards their daily life rather than greater civic participation. - Flacks characterized 10-15% of the population as active (and eligible) voters. - Referring to people who are informed and active in organizations and parties, campaigns, and take on on-going political responsibility. - Flacks argued that people’s ability to prioritize their private lives over engaging in politics has been dependent on certain economic conditions that have been gradually disappearing since the 1970s. Marx – Society consists of two opposing classes. - Marx – views of Class: relational conception of class (distinguished from a gradational conception of class – an acknowledgement that different classes exist within a society. Acknowledgement that there are class differences. Within this kind of conception there is
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Soc 140 Lec Sept 4 - Soc 140 Lec Sept 4, 2007 Theories of...

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