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Psych 140 Dis. Feb. 13, 2008 - Behavior and traits – interaction between genes and environment - Heritability – a statistical measurement that estimates the genetic influence on traits in a given environment - Heritability coefficient – h^2 = variation in a population due to genes/total variation in the environment - (find total variation by calculating the mean) - Variance = the sum of [(the score – the mean)^2] / n-1 - The general population’s risk of schizophrenia is about 1%, however if you have an aunt or uncle with it the risk increases to 2%, parent = 6%, sibling=9%, identical twin=48% - Difficult to separate genetic influences from environment studies. (very much intertwined) Solution = adoption studies - Monozygotic twins – Twins that come from on zygote and therefore have identical genotypes (share all genetic material) - Dizygotic twins – Twins that come from two zygotes (share 50% of genetic material) - Monozygotic twins raised apart yields the most information about the influence of
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