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Psych 140 Dis Mar 12

Psych 140 Dis Mar 12 - attached to their caretakers...

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Psych 140 Dis. Mar. 12, 2008 1. Children who live in stressful environments but do not develop problems are considered to be: A resilient 2. Models of development that trace the interactions between children’s characteristics and characteristics of the environment over time are called: transactional 3. Meltzoff’s research has shown that 18 month old children will initiate intended but not completed actions when modeled by: adults (also imitate things done by their peers, but adults is the best answer here) 4. Which of the following are through to cause variations in patterns of attachment? All of the above – behavior of caretaker, etc. 5. Which of the following does Maccoly list as a sign that infants have become
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Unformatted text preview: attached to their caretakers? Distress on separation 6. Which is an example of habituation? An infant tries of looking at his mobile 7. An infant’s basic style of responding to the environment is known as temperament 8. The first stages of labor last until the – the cervix is fully dilated 9. Which of the following is a critics of C-sections – all of the above – unnecessary, separated the mothers from the newborn while they heal, and __ 10. The knowledge of a generation is passed on to the next through – cultural evolution. 4 pages – essay Quotes and examples Bring a green scantron and a blue book...
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