soc 140 dis sept 4

soc 140 dis sept 4 - office hours...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon office hours 10-12 Th Room 483 Barrows chose a country – first draft/synopsis due oct 4 th Author’s Main Question Explanation - Focusing on immediate surroundings (private life) Why history, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, today What causes people’s lack of political participation? Pg. 8 America’s non-involvement in politics concerns him. o People get involved in politics because it’s attractive (self-fulfillment) or because their rights are being threatened. participants preferred to focus their energy and attention almost exclusively on their private lives. Americans focus on consumption – meeting these needs In the US, there is a big divider between the private sphere and the public sphere. In the US, when people are happy in their private lives, they ignore the public. In other countries, people often relate their personal dissatisfaction to the government. Moving to suburbs
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soc 140 dis sept 4 - office hours...

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