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Soc 140 Dis Sept 13 - Soc 140 Dis North American Europe...

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Unformatted text preview: Soc 140 Dis Sept 13, 2007- North American Europe Africa (on a scale of wealth)- Top 5% own 68% of the wealth- 95% of the world population only owns 32% of the wealth- Extracting resources, exploiting other countries, hierarchy of wealth and resources- Weber – 3 different spheres, economic, social, and political, all influence and impact each other and have hierarchies within them. - Marx: feudalism capitalism communism revolution Lenin - capitalism som communism- A capital society for Lenin: starts with the state (representation of class struggle), broken down into the army, repressive apparition, and material - State dominant class (both influence/create each other)- Parliamentary government – “best shell for capitalists” - Parliament = talking shop- Democracy is the best option available to the workers, better than a dictator ship- Workers should rise politically, run for office, political participation through parliament- Weber and Lenin say bureaucracy is like a machine and help the people on top who are...
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