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Psych 140 Dis March 5, 2008 Piaget’s Theory - Theory of constructivism - Babies come into the world with only a set of rudimentary reflexes. Don’t have any other knowledge about the world. Through repeated experience they acquire knowledge, how objects and people in the world are. - On the nurture side of debate - Object permanence – something exists even though it can’t be seen - Babies younger than 8 months don’t have this concept of object permanence (won’t look for hidden things.) - At around 9 months they gain this ability - If you keep hiding an object in location A, but then switch it to location B, the baby won’t know it’s there, even if it sees the object being hidden in location B - Why? don’t have a sophisticated ability to control their motor responses. - (tend to reach with their dominant arm) - Babies seem to understand what’s happening, but not be able to do it in real life, can’t follow what they understand -
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