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Music 005 Notes Did they 1960’s have a “Zeitgeist?” Marvin Gaye, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” (2/7) Soul: what was happening in African-American music during the British Invasion Various urban centers: Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Memphis Musical style: o Sophisticated orchestration o Rich harmony (background vocals) o Emotional sincerity (gospel influence) o Strong connection to the blues o Comparing Gaye to the Byrd’s (Test Question) Stevie Ray Vaughn, “Ain’t Gone N Give up on Love” (4/16) Another mysterious, troubled virtuoso (Beethoven, Pagnini, Robert Johnson, Jim
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Unformatted text preview: Hendrix) The Blues revival: What was revived? o Delta blues tradition: a male singer who accompanies himself a guitar o The call and the response come from the same source How does the performer establish authenticity? Blood, Sweat, and tears, Spinning Wheel (4/14) Jazz/fusion rock Jazz: o Complex arrangement, with improvisatory parts for brass o Syncopation o Trumpet solo in a clear jazz style (1.59) Rock/pop/soul: o A single vocal melody is the focus o A minimum of improvisation...
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