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Soc 140 Lec Nov 20

Soc 140 Lec Nov 20 - outside internationally agreed...

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Soc 140 Lec Notes Nov 20, 2007 Send notes to Maria Terrorism – each level of analysis has something to add to our knowledge of the topic Macro – violence is often fueled when the state closes of opportunities Meso – political entrepreneurs who argue for the use of violence Micro – individual socialization process as they adopt a view of politics - ways in which states can engage in the use of terrorism – different from actions that fall
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Unformatted text preview: outside internationally agreed conventions of war-social movements can be of a liberation nature – can give rise to major social transformation sometimes of a sot nature. Cuban Revolution -Fidel Castro continues to play the lead role in the process of transformation -Video on Fidel Castro-...
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